Using campaigns you'll be able to create separate paysite or FHG links for every site you operate.
This will allow you understand the behavior of your traffic better.
You'll finally find out what generates more signups for you, the banner in the top
or the text ad in the bottom of any page.

How does it work?
There is a new link in your account called "Campaigns".
Here you can create, edit and view your campaign stats.
Click Manage, and you'll be able to create new campaigns and delete the ones you already have.

Check out Stats for statistics of every campaign. Just select a campaign from a drop-down list and click "View stats".
View Links is a link generator which delivers links for every campaign you run.
The links may lead to paysites or to FHGs or MHGs.
To generate your links, pick a paysite, choose a campaign and select the link type (paysite, FHG, etc).
Thus, after you create a campaign, all you need to do is generate the links
and put them on the sites the stats of which you want to study in more detail.

We hope this new tool will help you monitor and study your traffic activity in a smarter way,
which will surely increase your profits.

Got questions?
Contact our support on ICQ 197-679-668.