§ Financial Features
Rates and comissions

§ Other Features
Linking codes
Marketing campaigns
Promo tools
Free hosting and emails

§ Support
Support Handling

Our features:

* 20 niche sites to promote
* 10 mature niche sites to promote
* Up to 65% partnership
* 10% referral program
* Weekly Payouts w/o hold
* Weekly Payouts in Paxum, WM
* Minimal payout as less as $50
* FHG, Free content, Banners, Descs
* Custom exit page & FHG

Our contacts:

mail: support@getextremecash.com
icq:   197679668

Financial Features
Weekly payouts
• Weekly payouts w/o hold
• Payouts are held by GetExtremeCash
• Minimal payment amount is 50$
• We make payouts via Paxum, Webmoney.
• We create Epassporte accounts with Visa Electron Cards for our webmasters.
Rates and comissions

• Default partner comission is 50% from all sign-ups and rebills
• Send us 30 signups/month (from 1st date to end of month) and during the following month you`ll get 55% from all sign-ups and rebills (from 1st date to the end of month)
• Send us 60 signups/month (from 1st date to the end of month) and during the following month you`ll get 60% from all sign-ups and rebills (from 1st date to end of month)
• Send us 90 signups/month (from 1st date to the end of month) and during the following month you`ll get 65% from all sign-ups and rebills (from 1st date to end of month)

• Refer webmasters to us and get 10% from their earnings with simply links such as http://getextremecash.com/partnerID
Other Features
Linking codes
• Linking codes to our paysites are short (like http://paysite.com/partnerID) but customizable
• You can choose several types of trial/no trial join pages and customize or turn off exit consoles
• You even can separately customize these parameters for FHG links
Marketing campaigns

Using campaigns you'll be able to create separate paysite or FHG links for every site you operate. This will allow you understand the behavior of your traffic better.
You'll finally find out what generates more signups for you, the banner in the top or the text ad in the bottom of any page.

How does it work?
• There is a new link in your account called "Campaigns". Here you can create, edit and view your campaign stats.
• Click Manage, and you'll be able to create new campaigns and delete the ones you already have.
• Check out Stats for statistics of every campaign. Just select a campaign from a drop-down list and click "View stats".
• View Links is a link generator which delivers links for every campaign you run.

The links may lead to paysites or to FHGs or MHGs. To generate your links, pick a paysite, choose a campaign and select the link type (paysite, FHG, etc).
Thus, after you create a campaign, all you need to do is generate the links and put them on the sites the stats of which you want to study in more detail.

Promo tools
• Our webmasters get free accounts in GS and Mighty TGP submitters.
• Over 120 FHG and free content sets
• For every paysite we offer numerous banners and promo descriptions
• We offer several designs and promo descriptions for all FHG
We can provide you with photo and video content from our member zones by request (For this purpose contact our support via Trouble Tickets System, e-mail or ICQ (197679668).
Free hosting and emails
• We offer our webmasters instant online creating of free hosing accounts and email addresses
• You can easily add your own domain names to host it with us and create email accounts
• CGI, PHP, MSQL databases and traffic statistics on you free hosting accounts are included
• We help our webmasters with traffic managament scripts installation (like TGP, CJ, etc.)
Support Handling
• Webmasters instantly get help and explanations via trouble tickets, ICQ, email.

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